Fusion Plastics offers many colors and any color that is not currently used can be matched to your specifications. Fusion Plastics offers a graphic which is molded in to the product. The benefit of a molded-in graphic vs. a vinyl graphic is durability. The molded in graphic melts into the plastic, making part of the product unlike a label that can easily peel off.

The benefits of rotational molding is low tooling cost compared to blow molding or injection mold. Rotational mold is common for tanks, waterers and landscaping. Rotational molding is becoming more popular by converting metal products into plastics. Benefits for plastic vs. metal would be the chemical and corrosion resistance. Plastic vs. metal also gives you an option of a single part instead of welding, bolting or riveting metal parts together to get a more complex shape. Finishes for plastic and be a dull finish to a smooth gloss finish. Plastic parts are very economical as well as durable.